What is an Association Management Company (AMC)?

An association management company (AMC) is a for-profit company that offers a wide range of services to support non-profit organizations. The customized services cover many areas of association management, from executive management, member care and financial services to meeting & conference management and marketing & communication – and more.

AMCs can also be a resource to many associations by offering lower-cost alternatives to full-service management, ranging from short-term projects to ongoing but highly customized roles. Association Management Companies are by nature flexible and responsive to changing needs of their clients. They care about the volunteers who make up their client organizations. They work side by side as partners with directors and committee members to help them reach strategic goals. AMCs are aware that the work they do is important to the associations they provide support to.

Association Management Company staff  is working with different clients and can share ideas and solve problems across clients and across industries and professions This saves their clients valuable time and money.  Also, AMCs can easily scale up or down in response to a client association’s need for resources. All overhead costs (office, equipment, software etc.) are shared among various clients. AMCs can provide better buying power using the same suppliers and event staffing for multiple clients.

The word “Spets” means “mountain top” in Swedish. Spets Association Management carefully and expertly guides its association clients to the summit!