5 Actions to Take after a Networking Event

1 – File business cards: After the event, make sure to sort the business cards collected into categories, and enter all contact information into your database.

2 – Add other relevant data:  Additional notes will help you remember details about the person you have met and the conversations you have had.

3 – Follow up: After a day or two, send emails to all prospects, thanking them the time they took  talking to you. If appropriate, ask for a follow up meeting or appointment.  If that is not the case at this point, a brief “it was nice meeting you and I am looking forward to potential business opportunities in the near future” will do.

4 – Use your Social Media accounts such as LinkedIn, Twitter or your professional Facebook page to connect to people not too long after you have met, so their memory is still fresh about you and the conversation you have had.

5 – Connect people: not all new contacts made might be valuable to your business – however, offer to connect people to other business contacts you have. Personal referrals are always appreciated.

Happy Networking!


How to Start a Networking Conversation

1 – Be confident: Walk up to people, even if you have already met them before. Greet them with a confident smile and (re)introduce yourself.

2 – Introduce your business or company: Tell them where you work or who you work for and what your business does, and ask for their business name and industry as well.

3 – Acknowledge their response: Make the conversation flow by using the information given:   “I have heard of this business before”, or “I am not familiar with your company, please tell me more about it!” are ways to deepen the conversation from there.

4 – Deepen the conversation: “How interesting, tell me more about it” or “Sounds like a great company, how long have you worked there for?” are ways to show more interest and keep your networking partner engaged.

5 – Be mindful of others: Pay attention to who is walking by, attempting to join your conversation. Bring others into the conversation – not only to make more connections yourself but also to keep the flow and purpose of the event going.