How to Start a Networking Conversation

1 – Be confident: Walk up to people, even if you have already met them before. Greet them with a confident smile and (re)introduce yourself.

2 – Introduce your business or company: Tell them where you work or who you work for and what your business does, and ask for their business name and industry as well.

3 – Acknowledge their response: Make the conversation flow by using the information given:   “I have heard of this business before”, or “I am not familiar with your company, please tell me more about it!” are ways to deepen the conversation from there.

4 – Deepen the conversation: “How interesting, tell me more about it” or “Sounds like a great company, how long have you worked there for?” are ways to show more interest and keep your networking partner engaged.

5 – Be mindful of others: Pay attention to who is walking by, attempting to join your conversation. Bring others into the conversation – not only to make more connections yourself but also to keep the flow and purpose of the event going.