Member Services

memberservicesMember satisfaction is key to every not-for-profit organization’s growth

Spets Association Management provides customized membership services and support for your organization. We have the tools and technology to manage your membership database. We guarantee member satisfaction by providing prompt services.

Your members see our office as your association’s office and your Executive Director or Account Manager as your association’s staff member (Note: You decide what title you want to give to your point-of-contact person).

With us your members benefit from:

  • our office being open Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm;
  • their emails being read and answered on a daily basis;
  • their information being updated on a timely manner;
  • their dues being collected regularly;
  • continuity from year to year, from board to board.

Your not-for-profit association volunteers can concentrate on other things while we:

  • facilitate a new prospect campaign or a retention project for existing members;
  • make sure your membership dues are collected on a timely manner;
  • manage your database and directories professionally and keep them up-to-date;
  • handle all your member communications professionally and accurately;
  • keep all your information secure and confidential;

We can work closely with National Association Headquarters, if required. We can also set up a private phone number and email address for your not-for-profit association.

Spets Association Management can make your Membership Committee’s job easier. We can help your organization to develop a strategic plan for growing and retaining membership.

Our Membership Services Include:

  • Database management;
  • Prospect recruitment and member retention campaigns;
  • Processing of new and renewal applications;
  • Coordinating the collection or collecting annual dues;
  • Customized membership reports;
  • Creation and production of collateral.