Our Fees

There are three different ways to pay for our services. You decide what works best for you.

Monthly Retainer: When an association hires us to act as their executive director or executive administrator, we charge the same fee every month. This is the best deal for the client, and the one we like the best, because it makes us part of the association’s management team (without voting or signing authority). This is when our office becomes the association’s office and we implement their strategic plan and report to the board of directors.

Hourly Fee: An hourly fee is used when an association hires us to look after just one or two aspects of their operations, such as planning and managing an event, taking care of marketing and communications, organizing a membership drive etc.
An hourly fee can also be used for a short term project, like setting up new systems, when it is difficult to estimate how many hours it will take in total.

Fixed or Flat Fee: This works best for a project that has a clearly defined scope and we can estimate how many hours it will take. This is often used for conferences and events. The organization pays us a non-refundable deposit and the balance in installments or at the end of the project, depending on its length.

Options: We are open to looking at other ways of compensation, so don’t discount us if none of the above work for you. (no pun intended)