Ways To Save Money And The Environment In Your Office

1. Reach your members electronically
Whether it is your membership renewal package or a monthly newsletter, use email to send it out. You’ll be saving both paper and postage.

2. Use folders and bookmarks
Organize emails you wish to keep in folders, where you can find them. Bookmark articles and websites you want to remember and go back to.

3. Reuse
When clearing out your office or home, consider what could be reused. Empty and change titles of used binders, turn file folders inside out, use the other side of paper to write notes on, etc

4. Recycle
Recycle name badges from your events and store them alphabetically in index card boxes. For your next event, you only have to print the ones you don’t already have. The environment will thank you.

5. “Go Green” in your kitchen
A green workplace kitchen is equipped to save money and the environment. Use porcelain mugs and glasses, instead of paper or Styrofoam cups; tea towels instead of paper towel; under sink water filtering instead of bottled water.
Note: Make a habit of collecting cans and bottles. Bring them to a store or bottle depot and use the money to buy cookies for everyone! 🙂

6. Save energy
Think economically and environmentally at all times! Turn off heat, lights, computers, screens, printers and chargers when your office is unoccupied.

By Patricia Tait